We are currently working on identifying number patterns using a hundreds chart. These two activities online may help students review at home.




Students! In 2016, we will be focusing on word families with spelling dictations each week.

Please try out these interactive games:

This online activity is designed to help readers recognize word patterns and learn about onset and rime. Students are first asked to select a vowel, and are then presented with a series of words to sort into short-vowel word families. Students can then print their completed word family chart and use it to practice reading the words fluently.



Noun and Pronoun Games and Activities

NOUN GAMES “a noun is a person place or thing like a guy or a school or a playground swing”:


PRONOUN GAMES“a pronoun is a sub for nouns like I and we, him, her, he, she, they, you and me”:



Perfect Paragraphs!

We are working one writing 5 sentence paragraphs in class.

An organized 5 sentence paragraph looks like this:

A. One Topic Sentence

B.  Three  Supporting Ideas

C. One Closing Sentence or  Clincher

There are some great (2 min.) videos to help students understand the Topic Sentence  and Closing Sentence on this link:

Here are a few activities: