Here’s a great freebie!

FREE 2 year subscription to Lego Club or Lego Club JR (For kids 7 and under)! Simply for your free subscription! This magazine comes out 5 times per year (January, April, July, September and November). It has lots of neat stuff for the kiddies.. games, puzzles, “behind the bricks” interviews and other fun activities. The form to sign up is pretty quick and simple, if you’re a child you will have to get permission from a grown-up. You will receive your first magazine in about 6 weeks and the FREE subscription lasts two years.

I think its pretty easy to cancel at anytime  if you do not end up liking the magazines for the kids.



Halloween Safety Bitstrip Assignment

My students have been asked to create a comic strip where their avatar teaches others important safety tips for trick-or-treating on Halloween. This assignment is due for presentation on October 28- October 31.

Sucess Criteria:
1. I have given at least 3 different tips to help others be safe on Halloween.
2. My comics clearly show that it is Halloween.
3. I have used at least one or more speech or thought bubbles in my comic strip.
4. My comic has at least 3 panels


Here is a complete comic:

Games to Review Addition/Subtraction


Addition Quick Draw

2 players

Getting Ready
Deal out all of the cards to the two players.
Play the Game
One player calls, ‘Draw’ and both players turn over their top card
and place it face up in the center.
The players add the two numbers that are showing and the first
player to say the total out loud wins the two cards.
After all cards have been used, the players count the number of
cards that they have won. The winner is the person who has the
most cards.


Make 25 With 5

2 – 4 players

Getting Ready
Each player is dealt 5 cards to hold in their hand.
The remaining cards are placed face down in a pile in the center.
The top card is turned over and placed beside the pile.
Play the Game
The aim of each round is to create a hand of 5 cards that add to 25.
Players take it in turn to pick up the top card of the pile or the top
card of the discard pile. Each player finishes their turn by discarding
a card onto the top of the discard pile.
The first player to have a set of 5 cards that total 25 calls out,
‘Twenty-five’ and is the winner of that round.
Keep score of how many rounds each player wins.
The winner is the player who wins the most rounds.

Don’t have someone to play with right now? That’s alight, just choose an online game below:




lit cafe 001

 Our Literacy Cafe has opened and we are currently working on the following reading strategies as a class:

COMPREHENSION– Stop and Check for Understanding when you read…if something does not make sense…use the Back Up and Reread Strategy or Retell the Story

ACCURACY– When you come to a word and get “stuck” …..use the Cross Checking Stratgey (Ask yourself does it look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense?)

FLUENCY– I can read accurately, with expression and understand what I read. Use the strategies choose “Just Right” books at your level and use the punctuation to help you read and make meaning.

EXPAND VOCABULARY use the strategy “Tune Into interesting Words” this is when you know, find and use interesting words. Please be sure they get copied onto your personal word collector sheet.

Here is a fun punctuation game we played in class today. Simply click on the link below.

 lit cafe 002