Earth Day Fun!

Also, we made a beautiful chalk drawing in celebration of the upcoming 25th Anniversary of Earth Day (Wednesday, April 22). You can view the photos playing in the school foyer or see them below:

school_name[1] sidewalk_1[5] MotoG2015 449 MotoG2015 451 MotoG2015 452 MotoG2015 457 MotoG2015 454 MotoG2015 453 MotoG2015 456 MotoG2015 455 MotoG2015 458 MotoG2015 459 MotoG2015 460 MotoG2015 461  MotoG2015 467 MotoG2015 466 MotoG2015 465 MotoG2015 464 MotoG2015 463



Learning About Angles Can Be Fun!


Students, how many triangles can you find in this image? (post me your  final answer)


There are so many resources and games out there to help you practice working on identifying and creating angles.

Please try some of them below:



Explore the numbers to 1000 at home with or without a computer.


Have your child play this guessing game (below) to 100…then try playing at home without a computer using numbers to 1000 using similar clues.  Parents be the clue givers and children can try to guess the number you are thinking of.

Here is another fun game that helps students identify numbers using a 1000 number line.