We all have misconceptions about how the physical and natural world works.

And there can be science questions that students don’t feel comfortable asking in class or would like to ask outside of class.  Such as “Do tree’s breathe?”, “ What is the difference between strength and hardness?”, “Where do puddles go to?”, “Why doesn’t a twig conduct electricity?”

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Science site where younger students could get help with their questions?

The good news is there is a site, The Science Master, and it’s been set up on Edublogs to provide a safe learning environment for students. Check it out today!

Learning About Angles Can Be Fun!


Students, how many triangles can you find in this image? (post me your  final answer)


There are so many resources and games out there to help you practice working on identifying and creating angles.

Please try some of them below:




We composed a beautiful song called, FAMILIES AROUND THE WORLD. Please click above and enjoy!

Families around the world

Moms, and dads, and boys, and girls

Some things are different

Some the same

Families around the world

In Senegal the children play

they go to school to learn

In Mexico the children sing

they celebrate and cheer

In England parents go to work

they have bills to pay

In India a father works hard

farming everyday  (CHORUS REPEATS)

Families mine salt in Peru

then play with guinea pigs

In China Icy Chagan Lake

where men ice fish with nets

In Canada the children eat

moose and bannock too

People in Australia

hunt rabbits and wild boar (CHORUS REPEATS)

Children through the USA

have bedrooms full of toys

West Bank families go to sleep

outdoors and on the ground

Shadow puppets tell a tale

of ventures in Thailand

In Germany a puppeteer

recounts a fairy tale (CHORUS REPEATS)

In Kenya water’s hard to find

it hardly ever rains

In the Arctic polar bears

walk on ice and snow

Every town in this big world

needs comfort and safety

And if we try to get along

it’s a better place to be! (CHORUS REPEATS)

This work of art, connects to our Social Studies unit about: Features of Communities Around the World.

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